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Here is is some additional informatino about in game content.

Table of Contents


View basic information about all breeds currently available in Eliyo.

  • Zorvic
    Greyscale image of the Zorvic with it's default parts.
    Fox creature timid and shy they are loyal companions
    Base Stats

  • Nyrin
    Greyscale image of the Nyrin with it's default parts.
    Lynx like creature
    Base Stats

  • Preat
    Greyscale image of the Preat with it's default parts.
    Deer like creature
    Base Stats


View information about the 8 elements found within Eliyo.

  • Natural image of crystal representing the element. - The natural elemental type, and yes natural is not elementless but it is an element in and of itself. Think of it like spirit. The natural element may seem normal but it has a grit of spirit and energy to it. This energy shows in the way an elon manages to control its movements in battle through discipline. Discoveries of the untapped potential within this element continue to be discovered as different elons hone on their skills to refine their training.
  • Plant image of crystal representing the element. - The plant elemental type is a steady-does-it type of element. Some like to say that it is the oldest element, however it seems more likely that the water element came first, and that even the untapped mysteries of the natural element make it a contender among those. Regardless, the plant elemental type maintains pools of energy in reserve and craftily finds its way to victory in battle by relying on its potent effects.
  • Water image of crystal representing the element. - The water elemental type ebbs and flows to maintain balance. It also stores up its energy, but like waves crashing on the shore, it packs a persistent wallop for those who engage with it in battle.
  • Fire image of crystal representing the element. - Fire as an elemental typing generally builds up with a rage as a battle progresses and works up its power feeding from the heat off its previous attacks each time to sweep and consume the battle field.
  • Electric image of crystal representing the element. - The electric typing is quick on its feet, so to speak, and spends its energy to be the first to engage in battle. The electric element may seem random and chaotic to some but it is actually precise as it zig-zag’s in the fastest most direct and calculated way possible. Those who engage in battle with this type of element do not want to be caught off guard. However, it is understood that this type of element can be difficult to control even for the highest of trained elons and thus can prove to sometimes be semi-unstable at best.
  • Ice image of crystal representing the element. - Some say that the Ice element is more of an opposite of fire rather than water, and others so far as to say that it is actually the culmination of the water and wind elements combined. All of this is speculation; however ice is yet a force to be reckoned with when engaged in battle.
  • Stone image of crystal representing the element. - The Stone Type refuses to budge for anything and stands to defend its ground. It shares a special connection to the earth and uses that to a bulwark of an advantage in battle. But don’t take its defensive posture lightly as it too can pack a punch for those who underestimate its power.
  • Wind image of crystal representing the element. - Wind as an elemental type can be very subtle at a glance, but if underestimated can prove to be a force untamable. The very air around those who engage with this element can become a violent whirlwind making it difficult to defend against. Elons of this type, if trained in it properly, can learn to control this element with great precision.
Base Resistances Chart
Attacking Side
Natural Plant Water Fire Electric Ice Stone Wind
Natural 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Plant 1 0.5 0.5 2 1 1.5 0.7 1
Water 1 2 0.5 0.5 2 1.5 0.5 1
Fire 1 0.5 2 0.5 0.7 0.5 1.5 2
Electric 1 1 1.5 1 0.7 2 1 1
Ice 1 1 0.7 1.5 1 0.5 2 0.7
Stone 1 1.5 1.5 0.7 0.5 1 0.5 0.7
Wind 1 1 1 0.7 1 1 0.7 2


Catelog of all current attacks that elons are able to learn through level up or move crystals.

    • Natural Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Boost critical hits
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Plant Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Lowers speed.
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Water Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Boost defense.
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Fire Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Boost attack.
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Electric Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Lowers critical hits.
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Stone Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Boost defense.
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Ice Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Lowers evasion.
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Wind Base
    • Basic attack. Low cost and power. Boost speed.
    • Power: 10Cost: 3
    • Nip
    • A lesser bite attack.
    • Power: 15Cost: 5
    • Claw
    • Scratch opposing elon aggressively with claws.
    • Power: 25Cost: 6
    • Tackle
    • Physical attack the foe with full body.
    • Power: 35Cost: 6
    • Belly Flop
    • Jump unto opponent belly first. Boosts defense but has a chance to miss.
    • Power: 65Cost: 10
    • Chill
    • Your elon sends a blast of cold material at the opposing elon.
    • Power: 25Cost: 5
    • Head Bash
    • Skull pounding attack. Increases attack strength.
    • Power: 30Cost: 10
    • Jolt
    • A jolt of electricity hurled at the opposing elon. May also lower the foes speed.
    • Power: 25Cost: 5
    • Ram
    • Aggressively ram full body into opposing elon.
    • Power: 50Cost: 10
    • Mudball
    • Reaching into the mud, your elon flings a ball of hard mud at its opponent. There is also a chance that the elon may be able to use some of this mud casing as a defensive barrier.
    • Power: 20Cost: 5
    • Aqua Blast
    • A strong blast of water hits the opposing elon.
    • Power: 25Cost: 5
    • Frozen Spike
    • Your elon launches a frozen stalactite towards its opponent with high critical accuracy.
    • Power: 50Cost: 10
    • Growl
    • Lowers Attack.
    • Power: Cost: 5
    • Needle Branch
    • Pine branches bat at the opposing elon
    • Power: 15Cost: 5
    • Vine Whip
    • The opposing elon is whipped by vines
    • Power: 20Cost: 5
    • Sap Attack
    • A glob of hot sap covers the opposing elon slowing it down.
    • Power: 25Cost: 10
    • Pepper Spray
    • Chemically hot pepper juice sprays at the opposing elon causing lingering damage through poison.
    • Power: 10Cost: 5
    • Vine Grip
    • Strong vines tightly grip entangling the opposing elon greatly lowering its evasion.
    • Power: 25Cost: 10
    • Leaf Blade
    • Razer edged leaves Swing toward the opposing elon
    • Power: 35Cost: 10
    • Flower Shurikan
    • Sharp petaled flowers are hurled at the opposing elon
    • Power: 40Cost: 10
    • Seed Pellets
    • Seed shot at the opposing elon leaving residue that makes it harder for them to hit.
    • Power: 45Cost: 10
    • Roots
    • Your elon pulls energy from the earth
    • Power: 40Cost: 10
    • Ember
    • Small burst of fire sent out on the opposing elon. May cause burning.
    • Power: 25Cost: 5
    • Fire Fang
    • Attack the opposing elon with flame cloaked teeth. Sometimes lowers the opponents attack.
    • Power: 40Cost: 10
    • Flame Burst
    • Surround the opposing elon with a large burst of fire that sometimes increases their attack.
    • Power: 70Cost: 10
    • Searing Flames
    • Hot flames burst from the ground toward the opposing elon.
    • Power: 50Cost: 10
    • Smolder
    • Your elon smolders flames surrounding the opposing elon. This can also sharply raise their attack.
    • Power: 50Cost: 10
    • Air Tackle
    • Your elon rides the air over to tackle its opponent.
    • Power: 15Cost: 5
    • Gust
    • A heavy wind gust sent towards the opposing elon that cannot miss. Usually lowers a foes accuracy.
    • Power: 20Cost: 5
    • Air Absorption
    • Your elon absorbs the air to strengthen its attacks.
    • Power: 10Cost: 5
    • Spitfire
    • The opposing elon is shot by a burst of fire rounds. May increase their attack.
    • Power: 40Cost: 10
    • White Fire
    • Hot white flames surround the opposing elon.
    • Power: 70Cost: 10
    • Firestorm
    • Create a large firestorm that damages the opposing elon and increases attack.
    • Power: 65Cost: 10
    • Zap
    • Zap the opposing elon with a burst of electricity.
    • Power: 35Cost: 5
    • Electric Field
    • Lay down an electric field jolting the opposing elon. May also increase speed.
    • Power: 50Cost: 10
    • Overcharge
    • Store up a large amount of electricity and attack the opposing elon with it.
    • Power: 80Cost: 15
    • Electric Touch
    • Send a small electric touch on the opposing elon that can lower their speed.
    • Power: 25Cost: 5
    • Shock
    • Charge up eletric energy and shock the opposing elon with it. Can lower the foes speed.
    • Power: 50Cost: 10
    • Power Surge
    • Create a strong burst of electrical energy and send to the opposing foe sometimes causing paralysis.
    • Power: 70Cost: 10
    • Twister
    • The opposing elon is engulfed by a tornado
    • Power: 60Cost: 10
    • Air Slice
    • A sharp wind slices at the opposing elon. Has a higher chance of critical hits.
    • Power: 40Cost: 10
    • Cloud Cover
    • Your elon manipulates the air to cloud the immediate area making it harder to hit.
    • Power: Cost: 5
    • Whirlwind
    • A circular wind force that surrounds the opposing elon. Has a chance to increase your speed.
    • Power: 35Cost: 5
    • Earthquake
    • Your elon causes an earthquake shaking up the immediate area
    • Power: 80Cost: 15
    • Barricade
    • Your elon defends itself with walls of earth. Sometimes restores stamina as well.
    • Power: Cost: 5
    • Quicksand
    • The opposing elon immediately starts to sink into loose sand underneath its feet causing damage and sometimes lowering speed.
    • Power: 50Cost: 10
    • Mud Strike
    • Your elon strikes its opponent with a glob of mud. Sometimes causes foe to be muddy.
    • Power: 35Cost: 5
    • Stir
    • Your elon stirs the soil to draw power building up their defenses.
    • Power: Cost: 5
    • Soak
    • Send a lot of water at the foe in an attempt to soak them.
    • Power: 35Cost: 5
    • Water Pressure
    • The opposing elon is encompassed by extremly high pressurized water. Has a higher chance for critical hits.
    • Power: 45Cost: 5
    • Flash Flood
    • In an instant the immediate area is briefly covered with water
    • Power: 80Cost: 15
    • Hot Geyser
    • Your elon sends a blast of hot steamy water towards its opponent. So hot it may even cause a burn.
    • Power: 65Cost: 10
    • Ice Ball
    • Your elon launches an ice ball at the opposing elon. Has higher chance to get critical hits.
    • Power: 35Cost: 5
    • Snow Drift
    • The opposing elon is clobbered by bunches of snow that greatly slow it down.
    • Power: 10Cost: 5
    • Avalanche
    • Your elon causes an avalanche over the opposing elon. Has a small chance to freeze.
    • Power: 80Cost: 15