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Battling Guide

Elons are driven to fight in competition to be the strongest.

Battling Overview

The battle system on Eliyo is turn based strategy. The key components are an elons stats, elements, and attacks. Elons start at level 1 when born and cap out at level 100.


The are two types of stats normal and elemental. Elemental will be discussed below under elements. An elon has 5 natural stats, health, stamina, attack, defense, and speed. Health is pretty standard and represents how much damage an elon can take without being healed or fainting. Stamina is used for attacks. If an elon runs out of stamina, then it can rest to gain more, but it can't attack when stamina is empty. Each attack takes some stamina which is different based on the attack used. When choosing attacks it's important to consider the stamina it takes, the cost, and the base power it has. While an attack may be stronger, if it takes more stamina you won't be able to use it as often without recharging. Attack is a factor used to determine damage your elon will do with each attack. The higher this is the more damage will be done. Opposite of that is defense which is used to determine how much damage is done against you. Finally speed is used to determine who will go first on a turn.

Stat Breakdown

To determine an elons current stat value the breeds base value, the elons individually bred values, and an elons trained values are all used along with the level to give a value. The only way to increase an elons stats is through training and leveling. There is no way to change an elons individual values, so if it's born with a lower attack, it will always have a lower attack than a similarly trained elon of the same breed. And similarly if a breed starts with a lower attack, it will be harder for it to compete with breeds who start with a higher attack even with higher born individual values and training.


Every enemy fainted gives a small boost to an elons total training ability. Once enough have been fainted and gained you can gain a training point which can then be allocated to any of an elons stats chosen by the adventurer. Training points are not infinite but cap out after 125 total and 55 in each individual stat.


There are 8 elements found in Eliyo and elons can control all of them. However each elon has an elemental typing (sometimes two in captive bred) that give them distinct abilities and weaknesses against the other elementals. You can visit the appendix to see a full breakdown of each elemental base value in it's pure form.

Elemental Stats

Each elon has elemental proficiencies and resistances that are initially set through it's elemental typing. An elons proficiencies are used to determine the strength of attacks and determine which moves are available to that elon. An elons resistances determines the elons defence against incoming attacks. When attacking you are able to see whether an attack do positive damage through the response message which says whether the attack was slightly more affective or really affective or not very affective. This along with the elons starting element should be used to determine the best attack to use in battle.

Elemental Training

Adventurer's are able to influence an elons individual proficiencies and resistances through battling and attacking. Once enough elemental points have been earned they can be allocated directly by an adventurer. Putting points into proficiencies is important so that new attacks can be properly learned and affects the attack damage when using those element type attacks however resistances allow to you decrease your weaknesses and keep certain elemental types from doing as much damage. You have a limited amount of elemental points you can earn so choose wisely.


Each attack is associated with one element and has a base power and base cost. The power is used in calculating damage and the cost is how much stamina it costs to use the attack.

Elons learn attacks through leveling up or using move crystals. Either way an elon must meet the requirements before a new attack can be learned which can include a minimum level and usually a minimum proficiency with the element that attack has.