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Eliyo Staff


  • Owner
  • Music Lead

Aaron is a musician by trade and is responsible for leading and creating all the music and sounds effects for Eliyo. Aaron is also a co-owner of the site and helps in directing the overall development of the site.


  • Founder and Owner
  • Web Developer

Brittany is the original creator of Eliyo and with a degree in Computer Science, Brittany is the sole programmer of Eliyo leading in the games overall development.


  • Lead Artist

Muskratte is the primary artist on Eliyo and is responsible for taking direction for the overall art with a versatile skill set and ability to work on wide range of assets from npcs to items to backgrounds.

If you don't have an account you can contact us directly at chaiimstudios@gmail.com. Otherwise you can send a private message to Brittany directly while logged in.