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Elon Prism
A Galactic Zorvic Plush Skye's favorite toy
A heart indicating elon is bonded

Skye doesn't even look at you. She pretends to be busy staring at the dirt as you approach. As you get closer, she moves away, still not so much as glancing in your direction.

Skye (156222) Female Gender Symbol
Adult (50 Days)
Fire icon Nyrin
Traits: Aggressive, Solitary, Stubborn

Level 12
Health 29/29
Stamina 39/39

Well Rested

Ready to breed.

Skye is coming from a distance with a Green Heirloom Tomato ... 11 AM on 2/02/2023

Level 52%

Elon Description

Skye bounded across the open land, free from her home, but also her pride, which has been her home for the last year. No matter. Skye is ready to take on the world! Or at least she thought... Blinded by her excitement and deep in her daydream, she collided face to face with a zorvic. After recovering from the initial dizziness from impact, Skye shook her head. As she looked up, the black zorvic she had collided with was already on her feet, hackles raised and growling. Skye tucked her little tail between her legs and whimpered as she backed away from the zorvic, until she hit a tree and couldn't back away any further. Suddenly, a sharp whistle was heard and a melodic voice called out "Orchid? Where'd you go, girl?" The zorvic turned for a moment and Skye looked in the direction she faced. The zorvic, who must be Orchid, bounded towards the girl, tackling her happily and licking her face. The girl chuckled but soon made eye contact with Skye, who was still cowered against a tree. The girl beckoned for Skye to come over, and she did, curious as to who her savior was. The girl held out her hand, which had a singular blue strawberry in it. Skye carefully sniffed it and considered running away for a moment, but decided that the strange-colored berry smelled too good to be ignored. She lapped it up gently, her tongue barely brushing the girl's soft palm. She mewled with delight at the heavenly taste, which brought her back to a time when she was young, and her mother had brought her and her siblings a treat. Skye felt a tinge of sadness at the memory, though. The girl looked at Skye carefully, as if she knew what she was feeling. "It's ok. We all leave the nest at some point, whether we want to or not." She reached out and stroked Skye's soft white fur. Skye purred with delight at the touch. While she had left one home behind, Skye had found a new one.


Commerce Information for Skye

Coin Cost

Not available for coins.

Elyte Cost

Not available for elytes.

Public Breeding

Not available for public breeding.

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