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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Eliyo?

Eliyo is a pet browser based role playing game (RPG) and fantasy world. The main focus of this game is battling, capturing, and breeding creatures called elons. A more familiar title may be that of a virtual pet site, though Eliyo is not a traditional pet site, it does fall within that category of gaming.

Check out our guide for more help on what it means to play.

What is an Elon?

Elons are creatures that inhabit the land of Eliyo. They are instinctive animals prone to dominance driven aggression. They are also tameable and relationship oriented making great pets.

How do you pronounce x?

See our terms guide. If a word from the world isn’t on the list feel free to ask about it on the forums. It was likely overlooked.

Okay so what’s the point of this game?

The game revolves around elons, owning them, battling with them, and breeding them. We strive to make this more immersive with moods, personalities, relationships, and activities. But if you don’t enjoy owning animal like creatures as pets or turn based battling, this may not be the game for you. You could also enjoy the game for it's social aspects as we have a community with forums and private messaging and we strive to have a friendly community.

Can you describe battling in Eliyo?

Our battling system is a turn based strategy system.

For us this means each elon on the field will have a turn to attack or defend and speed determines who will go first but no matter what their speed is each elon will get to attack once in that round. The match will continue until you or the opponent no longer have elons with health left. In the case of wild battles (only option currently) that means once the wild elon is fainted or all the elons in your group. Alternately you can run from a battle to end the match.

Another key component of our battle system is elements. There are 8 elements in Eliyo. That is Plant, Ice, Water, Fire, Electric, Stone, Wind, and Raw.

Elons can control all 8 of the elements, but they are not equally good at all of them. When an elon is born it is born with a primary element type (captive bred elons can be born with a secondary type as well) that sets its proficiencies as well as resistances to the elements. As an elon grows adventurers have been able to foster an elons proficiencies and resistances so that an elon is able to grow in certain elements.

Captive bred elons will sometimes have a secondary element type. Its influence seems to cause an elons initial elemental values to be split based on both types but the primary has the stronger pull. It is unknown what causes breeding in captivity to cause this elemental split, but it is not seen among wild elons.

What is stamina? What happens when my elon runs out of stamina?

Stamina is the energy your elon uses to attack. Each attack takes a specific amount of stamina, and if it doesn't have enough the elon won’t be able to attack.

If you find yourself in battle low on stamina you can use the rest action which along with increasing defense for that turn will restore some stamina. Outside of battle stamina will restore over time on it’s own. If you want immediate restoration without the wait then you can use items or go to the apothecary and pay the healer.

Can elons die? Will they die in battle?

Elons do not die in battle. They can be knocked unconscious and not able to fight, but they will never die from battle.

An elon that is not 'bonded' (feature description below) will eventually grow to old age in which case they will be unable to breed any longer. In addition (though still in the works and so not active right now) there are plans to add in a feature where elder elons will go on a pilgrimage that they won't return from if not designated to stay by their owners. If marked to stay, then they will just stay on forever, as currently happens and continue to take up nest space as well as resources in food and toys.

Some adventurer's have even claimed to have found the place elons pilgrimage to, but this information seems to be closely guarded in order to preserve the sacredness of it.

Aside from bonding with specific elons you can also de-age an elon by feeding it a life shroom which resets it back to the beginning of it's adult life. It's also important to note that your account will only age 1 week without you if you take a break, though you can also sign in with vacation mode at any time, in which case no time will have passed for your elons since your last login. So age will not have changed, their needs won't increase or decrease, and no activities will have been done.

What does it mean for an Elon to be bonded?

As an adventurer you can form positive relationships with all your elons, however there are some that you can bond with even further. This relationship means an elon won't go journey on the pilgrimage, and they regain their youthfulness if past their prime. New adventurer's can bond with 1 elon, but as further ability and levels are gained, they will be able to bond with even more elons. To bond with an elon your relationship must be at least 85% in which case an option will appear under the relationship score on their profile page if you have any bonds left to use. You can also unbond with an elon at anytime. (Note: bond levels past 1 are in development as leveling is still in development).

What are activities?

Elons are independent creatures with a mind of their own. You'll notice that elons that are with you in your group do something every hour such as scavenging for food, finding an item, rummaging in your bag for a toy, crying at you for attention and more. These are called activities.

What are Elytes?

Elytes are rare crystals found in Eliyo. You can purchase them with real US dollars at the Elyte Exchange. Otherwise you can rarely find them while exploring the world, earn them by fighting the most battles each week and getting to the top of the leaders, logging in everyday for 7 dayes in a row, or from other players directly.

How do I get money?

One of the best ways to start collecting coin is battling wild elons. Wild elons do drop coins directly as well as other loot that can be sold for coins to other players or used directly to feed your growing elon hoard.

The Gaming Corning in Lavinth is also available with a couple mini games options that give you coins for playing. You can earn up to 5000 coins every day for each of the games available.

Selling or releasing elons you've caught or bred is another means of making money. You can sell elons to other adventurers directly or you can sell to Clayton an NPC breeder and seller that will buy your elons for coins directly to sell attempt to sell to other Adventurers.

Releasing elons back into the wild will also net you a small amount of coins. Elons are somewhat wild by nature and so are not harmed by being released. However there is no way to keep track of an elon once it has been released and the information may no longer be available, though if they have children the lines will be preserved. Note that releasing an elon is irreversible.

Selling items to other players is another means to make money through means of a user shop.

Why can't my elon battle?

Elons must be an adult or older to battle. Babies won't be able to. Babies age up automatically at 20 days. But you can also use Growth Shrooms to age them up early.

When do Elons age?

Elons age up from babies into adult at 20 days. Adults age up to elders in 180 days. However if you take a break from the game when you come back your account will only be able to age up at most one week in the time you've been gone. So you'll want to log in weekly if you are trying to age up babies. Mushrooms can be found that manipulate an elons age as well both aging them up quickly to an adult or resetting their lifecycle back to adult for a longer life.

I sold an elon and someone released it?

Pricing your elons at a higher price will help to keep them from being released as it will be unprofitable to do so. However once you sell an elon you no longer have any control over the elon. If you are really concerned about an elon being released, it would be better to keep the elon yourself. You can try and arrange private sales with individuals who you know are interested in the elon itself, but once they own the elon they can do what they want with it.

You didn't answer my question?

If you have a specific question feel free to ask on the forums or you can contact us directly at

As well don't forgot to check our other guides to find detailed information about many facets of Eliyo.