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Eliyo Staff


Owner and Music Lead

Aaron is a musician by trade and is responsible for leading and creating all the music and sounds effects for Eliyo. Aaron is also a co-owner of the site and helps in directing the overall development of the site.


Founder and Lead Developer

Brittany is the original creator of Eliyo as well as the main programmer. Brittany leads in the games overall development.

Non Staff Contributors

  • Muskratte - Contributed numerous pieces of art as well as ideas and direction. They also created all the plush toys on site along with our current NPCs
  • Hayley Dubay - Hayley has contributed a number of pieces for Eliyo the most notable being the recently released Nyrin but she has also worked on parts and markings for the other two. Also the owner of Wild Howlz
  • PepperHead - Responsible for the Lavinth map as well as the badges on site. Also the owner of Kasaria
  • TeaTimeJess - Created our avatar bases including some hair, faces, and clothing!
  • Dracula - Drew preat from given concept as well as added in some Zorvic parts.
  • Sandra Sketches- Drew zorvic from given concept and designed original site banner.

  • Meesh - Helped create many of the responses you see when you visit an elons profile.
  • Brumby - Helped with marking creation including some of their own design.
  • SilverDart - Helped with creating more markings for the game.

If you don't have an account you can contact us directly at Otherwise you can send a private message to Brittany directly while logged in.