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Getting Started

Eliyo is a fantasy world filled with animal creatures called elons. Elons are dominance driven creatures that love to fight. Adventurer's train and travel with elons throughout the land training and breeding them to be the perfect companion with a mix of looks, personality, and strength.


To become an adventurer you must start with an elon companion. Once you have your pet you can bring out it's full potential by training it in battle, and breeding your elons to gain more offspring. Clayton in Lavinth is an elon breeder who often lends a hand to those wanting to become adventurer's. Visit him to gain your first elon. After that you can gather more elons through a few different avenues.


You can capture a wild elon in battle by using prisms if you have proven yourself worthy to them. Prisms are made out of cut crystal, and then charged up to have various properties including the ability to contain an elon taking in its very essence. Only prism makers truly know the secret to charge a prism, and they are not quick to share with outsiders. There are rumors, if they can be believed, about mystical lakes.

Prisms do not always work, and they will not work if an elon does not respect the thrower. To win an elons respect and capture them you must fight with them in battle. Weakening them, though not fainting, are the means to gain more respect and gain a greater chance of success. Some prisms are also more appealing than others, or appeal more to certain types of elons.


To breed elons you must first have two elons, one male and one female, along with a breeding herb. The most common herb is the Yokio herb. But there are other herbs that can influence offspring gender or stats. Of course elons won't always breed together when you request but sometimes resist. Some breeds in particular require a skilled adventurer to gain offspring.


You can purchase elons from Clayton the elon breeder in town or from other adventurer's. Use the elon search to look for other adventurers' elons. You can set your own elon for sale from their profile which will make it findable on the search.

Group and Nest

Elons can be kept two places: within your group or nest. Your group are elons that are currently with you. These elons you'll be able to track what they're doing on an hourly basis (exploring and bringing back an item, whining at you for attention, rummaging your bag for food, etc...) and their relationship with you will blossom as they are with you. Your nest elons aren't with you, but you can visit anytime. Keep the food bin full, and they will eat out of it daily to keep full.


Battling is turn based in eliyo with speed determining who goes first that round. Elons start at level 1 and cap out at level 100. Each elon breed has base stats that determine what they are initial geared towards which you can review in the appendix but you can train an individual elon in any stat.


There are eight elements in Eliyo. Each elon has a primary element with some, captive bred, elons having a secondary element as well. This typing gives an elon an affinity with that element taking on it's positive attributes and negative attributes. In other words elons have proficiencies and resistances that are initially set by that typing. Visit the Appendix to see the elemental base values.