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Rules of Conduct

Players are allowed one account on Eliyo and it is a players responsibility to create a strong password and keep this information hidden. You are not allowed to immediately create another account after being banned, however if many years have passed you may create another one with the understanding that you will follow the rules and terms of service.

It is generally recommended you do not share account your account information with anyone. is not responsible for any harm that comes to your account through giving away the information. You are allowed to share accounts with people, though it is generally discouraged and done at your own risk. Eliyo is not responsible for disputes that occur between shared accounts. As well a shared account does count towards the one allowed account on Eliyo. So you cannot have a shared account and a regular account but must choose one or the other.

You are not allowed to impersonate Staff for any reason nor are you allowed to impersonate other players.

Be Respectful

Show respect towards both staff and other players. Attacking another player or staff with insults or derogatory language is not acceptable. Disagreeing with someone is not an attack as long as the disagreement is stated in a respectful manor.
Wow, that's a really stupid thing to say - Not Tolerated
I'm not sure I really understand your reasoning, I think... - Okay

Naming Policy

Both pet names and user names are not to contain any kind of profanity. No pet or user should be named in a way that is meant to be offensive towards another player or individual people group. Names deemed to fall under this category can and will be changed by staff when discovered.

Profanity or Crude Language

Profane or obscene language is not allowed on any public locations such as forum posts, thread topics, elon names, profile pages, or signatures. However, quoting an older text, such as the King James bible, where the meaning of a word has changed, is generally allowed. Using God, or Jesus as an exclamation is also not allowed. Acronyms that are general stand ins for the profane language is also not allowed. If you are uncertain about posting something message a staff member first.

No Nudity, Pornographic, or Sexual Content Allowed

Do not link to any sort of graphic content or talk about sites where this content is explicitly found. Discussion of consumption of this type of material is also not acceptable. This also means no sexual content in roleplaying.

No Cheating or Exploiting the game

This means programs or scripts which play the game for you are not allowed. It also means if you find a bug that gives you an advantage and use it to get ahead instead of reporting it you will punished. Trying to hack into the game (except with express permission for the purpose of testing and validation) is prohibited.

Refunds has a strict no refund policy. Granting refunds costs money so they will only be approved in special circumstances that will normally result in the account in question being banned.

Copyright Information

Eliyo retains it's copyright to all images, items, etc.. for all art and web content found on The sale of Eliyo items, elons, other account assets or the accounts themselves for USD or other real world currency is prohibited.

Sharing official eliyo art with attribution back to is encouraged, but it should not be used as a means to make money.

Fan art, digital and tangible is encouraged for personal use and is allowed online with proper attribute to but tangible goods cannot be sold for USD or other real world currency. You are allowed to create fan art and sell for in game currency however.


Punishments include but are not limited to warnings, in game fines, temporary or permanent blocking from community features, or the account being banned from the game completely.

Warnings and in game fines will normally be the first course of action, but more serious crimes such as hacking into the game or posting pornographic content are likely to receive immediate banning. Attacking people or staff will likely result in more immediate silences but could also result in the account being banned if the offense is serious enough or repeated.

Punishment is at the discretion of owners and staff and can be disputed by contacting or contacting Brittany in game.