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Eliyo collects e-mail addresses and birthdays at the time of joining specifically entered by the player. Usage statistics are collected as a player accesses teh website. Email are used for verifying accounts and banning players that have broken the Terms of Service.

Emails may also be used for emailing the player account related information. Birthdays are used to verify players are old enough to register an account along with general analysis to understand what demographic the game is appealing to. IP Addresses are collected to aid in verifying users are not violating our Terms of Service agreement. They may also be used to ban violators. Usage statistics are collected anonymously to be used for site optimization, improvements, and marketing purposes. No information will be sold to a third part except should the game be sold in it's entirety in which case the information will be transferred to the new owner.

Eliyo will provide user information to authorities as required by law.