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The City of Lavinth

There's a lot of activity and many places to visit in Lavinth. There are a variety of shops and the battle arena is open to those who want to train or try their luck at capturing elons. It looks like Clayton is in town as well and ready to buy or sell elons to passing adventurers.

    • Visit Clayton
    • Clayton is a traveling elon breeder and seller. He is pretty knowledgeable about elons if you have any questions.
    • Battle Arenas
    • Battle your elons against wild elons gaining strength and loot.
    • Apothecary
    • Rose runs the apothecary and will heal your elons for a cost.
    • Gate
    • Visit other areas of Eliyo outside of the capital.
    • Vincent's General Goods
    • A sign by the door reads "We have the best prices on Food in all of Lavinth!".
    • Adventurer's Hub
    • It's a small shop that doesn't stand out much, the sign by the door reads "Prisms of All Kinds".
    • Adlwin's Toy Shop
    • A colorful toy shop you see many variations on the windows all with a unique homemade charm.
    • Gertrude's Bakery
    • A wonderful aroma wafts out of the door as you draw near. A sign near the door reads "Best home…
    • Maps and Scrolls
    • A sign can be seen from the road, 'Maps and Scrolls'.
    • Bank
    • Store your coins and elytes in the bank for safekeeping.
    • Elyte Exchange
    • Purchase Elytes, a rare and valued currency in Eliyo.
    • Meal Center
    • You see a sign by the door that reads "Free Meal! Bread and water for those in need".
    • Marketplace
    • Many adventurers sell their wares here. Open your own as well.