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See the latest game updates from our staff.

  • Rearrange Elon Attacks and Change Username

    list of elon attacks with options to drag and drop reorder them

    Just pushed a couple quality of life updates. You can now rearrange your elons attacks and how they appear in battle. Just go to your elons profile under the attacks tab there is a rearrange order link you can click to take you to a page for a drag and drop option to easily move around attacks changing their order. Save and it'll automatically update the way it is displayed.

    The second update is the ability to change your username/display name. The first time this is changed it's free, any time after that is 5 Elytes. You'll need to enter your password again to confirm your change. Hope you enjoy!


    Also updated to include Aberrant Search flag on the elon search, updated so the giving center will randomly get things donated, added a note at the gate for maps that are one use, and some admin stats areas. 

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 5/29/2024 3:16 PM
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  • Nest Updates - Section Limits Removed

    So I've made a few minor changes to the nest. One that is a little less minor is I removed the restriction of only having 30 elons in a nest section at once. Instead, you can have as many as you want, but it'll paginate the data at 30 elons at a time if there are more than 30 in a nest section. 

    I also updated things so deleting a partition and section should be working now. To delete a partition you can find a delete link on the partition edit page, on the upper right hand side. And to delete a section there is a link on the partition sections view where you can find the edit or delete option for each of a partitions sections. 

    One final update is I added a new drop down on the elon breed page so you can select where you want your elons to go. 

    Do let me know if you run into any issues so I can get then corrected. Thanks!

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 7/07/2023 9:30 PM
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  • Major Update!

    Yorge Release plus plus, a happy white bird creature on the left with green back feathers, and a happy ram type creature on right with orange coloring and some muted greens. The background has a farm town with vibrant greens and flowers.

    This update has been a long time coming and we are very happy to finally be able to release it to you! There are a lot of things that come along with this including a complete revamp of the battle system, don't worry, this is mainly just quality of life improvements, the core gameplay is functionally the same. 


    And of course, the long awaited ram species, officially called a Yorge, is finally available! 

    Ram creature with green leaves on it's head, brown ram horns, orange body, and green eyes. It looks content.


    But we are not just releasing the Yorge today, but also a whole other species called the Gren!

    Bird creature with long legs and a long tail the shape of a leaf on the tip, has an orange belly and brown back feathers similar to a robin.


    Along with that you'll notice quite a few visual updates to the different areas with npcs and background for most major areas in game, along with a whole new area in Eliyo called Ahmi Farms!


    Ahmi Farms specializes in Yorge breeding, and has a thiving battle ring you can enter if you win the locals approval. 


    Another major update you'll want to take note of is image updates to both the Zorvic and the Nyrin. The Zorvic eyes have been completely revamped, which we hope you'll love as much as us. As well the Zorvic attack and defend pose has been completely redrawn. The Nyrin has a new content pose, the happy pose has been removed and instead now has the old content pose. This will allow you to be able to see both eyes more easily on the nyrin, and similarly the attack pose has been revamped and replaced.


    This is a huge improvement overall, and we hope you'll agree and enjoy the changes. However I know change can be hard, and so if you aren't sure about it or don't like the changes, hopefully with a little time you will be able to get used to them and enjoy the game as before. One note I will say is that currently your old elon will not necessarily be updated automatically. Unforunately I won't be able to keep these older images for users long term, but I will wait to clear out the old images to give you all time to save images to your computer for keepsakes for anyone that wants to. You will definitely want to save them out sooner rather than later however, as going forward I will be making some changes to our images storage process (this is to keep our server from getting filled up with all the elon images) and so those images will be gone forever at that point.

    Here are a couple images to show off these great improvements. 

    Dark color content zorvic with blue ocelot patterning covered by black husky. Bright attractive purple eyes.Dark color zorvic with blue ocelot patterning covered by black husky ready for a fight, teeth barred. Bright attractive purple eyes.

    Cream colored cat creature with pointy ears, blue gem stones and green eyes.Cream colored cat creature with black ocelot marking on it's body. It's standing aggressive with mouth open and teeth barred.


    Along with all that there are a lot of other updates too, but overall, we want to just let you to be able to discover and enjoy them on your own. So that's all I will say for now. 


    If you run into any bugs or issues please let us know. While we tried to test and make sure everything was working, this update touched a lot of areas, and even the areas that weren't updated may have been affected. 


    Brittany #2 Posted On: 5/06/2023 5:06 PM
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  • Fall Update!

     Fall woods scene with obscured Razics in background with text reads 'Fall Update'.

    As the cool breeze of fall rolls in, an influx of more map pieces are found across town to be collected from various vendors around town in return for favors. This means more opportunities to head out exploring the world in search of hidden treasures and the reveared razics!

    So be sure to head out there and explore and just maybe you'll see some new combinations while your at it. 


    We will also be releasing razic plushies this season so be on the lookout for that update as well.

    Have Fun!

    Aaron #1 Posted On: 10/06/2022 2:45 PM
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  • Happy Valentines Day!

    Pink Valentines Plushies surrounded by Pink and velvet cookies arranged in a heart shape with gradient background.

    There will be some valentines themed items available in the shops for a limited time.

    Aaron #1 Posted On: 2/14/2022 11:51 AM
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  • Happy belated Holidays!

    Hey everyone, sorry this post is a little late but the holidays were a little hectic for us here. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We apreciate you all and as a token of our apreciation we sent out some goodies to users who were active over the holidays.

    We have some exciting updates and releases planned for this year and look forward to it.

    So Here's to a hopeful 2022, take care y'all!


    Aaron #1 Posted On: 1/04/2022 6:02 PM
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  • Custom Razic Available!

    Ticket with illegible writing and a razic head icon in the right hand side.

    Razics customs are here for a limited time only! Starting today until December 6th Razics will be purchaseable from Clayton. After that Razics will be purchaseable yearly for a limited time which from here on out is planned for September. 


    That being said there has been a slight change with how customs are purchased. To purchase a custom now you will need a breed specific voucher. This will let you purchase the specific breed the voucher is for at any time. This means you can purchase a Razic voucher now, but make your Razic at anytime. It also allows you to sell or gift customs to other people. Vouchers will be good for 2 markings, and as before you can pay an additional 50 elytes for another marking (up to 5 total). 


    Dragon Maps

    I hope you all enjoyed collecting map pieces and finding Razics in the world. Expect map pieces to become a lot more rare within the week. Next September map pieces will again be more plentiful, so this isn't the last time to more easily get map pieces, but it is the last time for a while. So collect them now while you still can! 


    Service Interruption

    I have two things of note to mention, one we had some issues with registration emails blocking signups for about a week. So sorry to anyone who was affected by that, but signup should be working as expected now. 

    And two we had a brief server interruption yesterday as well. Nothing to worry about, I did a server upgrade that and there were a couple issues that needed corrected and have now been resolved. Of course if there is anything of note feel free to reach out so I can look into it. 


    What's Next?

    We have a number of exciting things planned, I won't get into everything now, but stay tuned. However I did want to give a little sneak peak of our 5th elon to be released. Still to be named the ram elon that won the vote early this year. 

    Shadowed sneak peak of the ram

    The ram will be decently common, but also obtained a little more uniquely than current elons. More information to come! 

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 11/06/2021 12:10 PM
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  • Major update release!

    Sage colored razic in aggressive poseRough edged piece of a map with river bank and snow capped mountains

    Alright everyone it's finally time to release our highly anticipated dragon update. The razic is here and with it some feature updates as well!

       -First off the battle arenas have undergone an aesthetic update, so you'll notice the scenery looks bit different.

       -Next up, there are various new quests in Lavinth and some new collectables as well. Npc's across town are in need of favors and you never know what you might get in return. Just head over to the local shops and chat it up.

       -A variety of map pieces have also been turning up in the city of Lavinth and rumor has it they lead to various locations across Eliyo. Head on over to Maps & Scrolls and speak to Sully for more information as he's said to be the expert on the matter. 

       -And finally, more and more reports of dragons have been turning up around town. If your looking to find one they won't be in the battle arenas, so get out therecollect map pieces, and discover locations. You might just find yourself looking one in the face!

    Aaron #1 Posted On: 9/18/2021 6:04 PM
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  • Update on Razic

    Razic in front of dragon babies.

    Hey all and happy Friday!

    There's been a few sneak peaks on the on the discord already, but I wanted to get a news post in here as well. 

    We have been making steady progress on Razic the dragon and are working towards releasing as soon as possible. We have all the art completed for a solid base and are now getting markings added as well. We are also working on getting the art saved out in the right format to integrate into the game for the parts and layering, and getting eveything set up to make it work with our system to be dynamically colorable.

    I am also pleased to say that we will be releasing Razic with some exciting new game features that will factor in to his rarity and how he is found. There will be more details on that in the future.


    That's all for now, enjoy your weekend and happy gaming!

    Aaron #1 Posted On: 5/14/2021 6:47 PM
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  • Level Up!

    Level up banner with a 1 on it

    Levels are officially released on Eliyo! You'll slowly earn experience by playing the game and eventually earn enough to level up. You can level up to level 10, though expect it to take a while before you can hit that goal. 


    Each level you earn will allow you to bond with another elon as well. And as a reminder bonding with elons will keep them young!


    You will need to have a relationship of 85% or greater to bond with an elon. And if that's true and you have more bonds available an option will appear on the elons profile next to the relationship level to set a bond with the elon. You can remove a bond from an elon at anytime as well regardless of the relationship. 


    Razic Notes

    Razic the Dragon is still in the works being drawn up be the artist but getting closer everyday. More information to come soon! Join us on discord for more sneak peaks.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 4/10/2021 4:05 PM
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  • The Results Are In!

    The Results Are In! The Bear, Bird, and Ram Concepts are pictured with question marks over them.


    Okay, the results for the standoff survey are in! It was a very, very close race and I am pleased to annouce that the Ram will be our next elon to release after Razic the dragon is finished. Thank you all again for participating in our surveys!

    The Ram concept, Chibi ram with leaf crown. 

    That is all for now, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    Aaron #1 Posted On: 2/10/2021 5:23 PM
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  • Three Way Tie Breaker!

    Three way tie? from left to right are pictured the concepts for the lion-bear, bird, and ram elons.

    Alright, the results from the survey for elon #5 are in! However they weren't quite conclusive. That's right, there was a three way tie between the Lion-bear, Bird and Ram elons.

    So who will get to be the next elon to fill slot number five? 

    We are holding a standoff survey now through the weekend where you will have the chance to show your support and vote for just one of the three. So please have your votes submitted BEFORE: Monday, February 8th.

    Thank you all for your participation and I will be excited to announce the official winner once the results are in!

    Survey Link:

    Aaron #1 Posted On: 2/04/2021 3:44 PM
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  • New Elons & Survey

    Image of dragon elon with a survey icon to the right

    Hey all, hope you've had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

    To start the new year right, we are working to bring more elons into the world of Eliyo. Elon #4, as planned, will be the Dragon known as Razic, a rare and respected species. As for number five, we are asking you, our community, to decide which you prefer to release out of a choice of six new species concepts. 

    We are very excited to find out which of these you would like to see next, so please fill out the survey below. Results will be gathered at the end of the month so be sure to get your thoughts in BEFORE February 1st.

    Survey Link:

    Aaron #1 Posted On: 1/22/2021 5:49 PM
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  • Aberrants and Mass Commerce

    Yellow content zorvic with glowing eyes.

    A big thanks to everyone who filled out the survey from the last news post. Overall the features ranking had a lot of variation in what was considered priority, but was still useful in going forward. 


    The visual ranking was a lot more consistent with most people wanting more elons, parts, and markings as the obvious top 3. A new elon is already in the works with more information to hopefully come soon, but nothing on that to report today. But I am introducing a new eye part as represented above and to go along with the latest feature update. 


    Boss Battles - Aberrant Elons

    While battling in the area aberrant elons will also appear. Aberrants are smarter with better AI for battling and higher starting stats. They are also set apart by their glowing eyes. While aberrants are catchable, their catch rate is fairly low. So expect it to be difficult, with a lower starting relationship level. Aberrants are also harder to breed, and the glowing eyes have a pretty low rate of carry on. 


    Multi Commerce

    In addition to the boss battles I have added in a few quality of life updates to hopefully make it easier to setup commerce actions for elons including selling to other users, setting up public breeding info, releasing elons, and selling elons to Clayton. 


    On the elons Nest or Group page there is a link 'Quick Elon Commerce' which will link to the multi sell feature with secondary navigation to the multi public breeding page and release pages. 

    Multiple elons with coin and elyte column for each elon in a form.


    Sell to Clayton Update

    The sell to Clayton page has been updated to add in an option to select a specific nest section. So you can now easily sell Clayton elons from a specific section instead of having to move them to your group first.



    And that sums up this specific update. As always, let me know if you run into any issues. Hope you all enjoy!

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 9/05/2020 11:03 AM
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  • Direction Survey

    We are looking for your input on priorities going forward with Eliyo development. Please fill out this survey and let your opinion and thoughts be known!

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 6/18/2020 6:20 PM
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