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Breeding Guide

Breed your elons together to gain offspring for specific colors or markings, better stats, personality combinations, or just for the fun of it.

Breeding Overview

When you successfully breed two elons the offspring is born instantly. But elons won't always breed, sometimes elons will reject a breed attempt.

Rejected Breeding

The chance of rejection depends on the elon breed and their personalities. When two elons meet they form a relationship, and some elons will just start with a lower relationship than others making it harder to get them to breed together. However breeding attempts, whether successful or not, will usually increase the relationship of the two elons trying to breed, making it easier to breed the more weary ones with repeated attempts.

Breeding Recover

After a successful breeding both the male and female elon will need time to recover. The length of recovery varies based on the number of offspring an elon has had in the past. An elon with more offspring takes longer to recover. The initial value is 48 hours and every 3 offspring it'll go up by the same amount. Failed breeding attempts require a recovery time of an hour. There are flowers that can be purchased or found to speed up recovery.

Breeding Limits

There are no hard breeding limits for elons. However if you continue to breed the same elon over and over the recovery time will continue to stack which could make it difficult to continue breeding more within it's lifetime. You can use youth shrooms to keep an elon alive forever though along with recovery flowers to decrease time between breedings if you really want more attempts for a specific elon.

What Do You Gain From Breeding?

Breeding allows you to work towards an elon with specific colors, markings, personality and stats.


When you breed elons together the color can be determined by the parent or grandparent. You get a color from moms side and dads side. So if mom is light pink, her dad is white and her mom is hot pink, you can get light pink, white, or hot pink as a starting color on moms side with the greater chance being for the light pink.

Once a color is determined for each side those two colors are blended. The offspring can be the initial color or anything in between. So for example if moms side color is pink, and dads side is blue, the offspring can be pink, blue, or any between shade of purple.


Markings are always shown at full strength, but that does not mean they actually are full strength markings. And just because a marking is not seen, does not mean that's it's not being carried. So what this means is that if you breed two elons that have a marking, but aren't full strength (say the only one of the grandparents had the marking), then their offspring has a chance to only be a carrying instead of showing the marking.

More technically a marking has two values, whether it's visible or not, and it's strength where the strength determines it's chance of showing. If at 100, then it's a full strength marking and always shows. Any less than that, but more than 0 and it may or may not be visible, but it will be carried.

You can breed a full strength marking into a line by continuing to breed offspring where the marking is visible. Regardless of the marking strength, if the marking is visible, then the strength of the offspring can increase. If you want to remove a marking from a line, then breed elons where the marking is not visible.


Breeding elons gives you the opportunity to gain better stats. Each elon, for each of their stats (health, stamina, attack, defense, speed) has a unique value given to it that determine it's ending total. These values are random and can be from 1-15 or up to 1-30 if bred. So if you breed a second generation elon, it's stat value can range from 1-18, but any wild caught elons will only be from 1-15. This gain helps up to the 5th generation at which point it'll be maxed out.


Personality traits play a role in battling. For instance, aggressive elons only like to use damage attacks, and will sometimes ignore commands to use attacks that only have an effect with no damage. But they also gain an attack bonus for every attack they do. Intelligent elons learn more quickly gaining more experience per battle, while naive elons gain less per battle. Not all traits have an affect specifically on battling.

Elons gain their personality traits from their parents most of the time, but will sometimes learn random traits as well.