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ouo hello there, im seabones but you can call me sea or bones for short. i've been a part of eliyo for a long time now, since 2016 to be a little more accurate. although i have been on multiple hiatuses and recently i came back from a super long one. im pretty excited to get back into the game and re-learn everything as a refresher and to get use to any changes that were made. if you're interested in adding me to your friends list, feel free to i don't bite. ;o;

some personal info about me: im 21 years old and i love to doodle a lot! i use to role-play a lot as well, but for a while now i haven't sadly. feel free to also send me a private message for just about anything as long as it's not chain mail or begging for x, y, z.

thanks for taking your time reading my profile and have a good day! :D


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