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Apple_Merchant's Profile

I'm not very active right now! If you message me, I'll probably respond eventually, but it might take some time.

Just selling (and buying, because why not) some apples around here. If you have apples, do send me a note to pay a visit to your shop!

My loyal companion is Konpeitō, but other elons join us from time to time.

I'm not a very active player, but I do appear here at times. :D

I like gathering data.
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    • Green Apple

    • 528 Qty
    • Jarred Apples

    • 26 Qty
    • Red Apple

    • 178 Qty
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  • Bronze Desert Trophy
    x 1
  • Silver Desert Trophy
    x 2
  • Gold Desert Trophy
    x 1
  • Gold Rain Forest Trophy
    x 2
  • Bronze Most Points Trophy
    x 3
  • Bronze Most Wins Trophy
    x 3
  • Bronze Grassy Savanna Trophy
    x 1
  • Silver Meadow Trophy
    x 2
  • Bronze Mountain Trophy
    x 1
  • Gold Pine Forest Trophy
    x 1
  • Silver Sandy Desert Trophy
    x 1
  • Silver Rain Forest Trophy
    x 1
  • Gold Savanna Trophy
    x 1
  • Silver Grassy Savanna Trophy
    x 1
  • Silver Dirt Path Trophy
    x 1