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Hello there!

Im Wendiigo, i'm 16 and born and raised in Montana. I joined this game in winter of 2018, and I've been waiting to see the growth ever since.

I love video games. I play multiple games online such as Eliyo, Sylestia, Furrypaws, etc. as well as games like Half Life 2, Portal, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Subnautica, Ghost of a Tale, The Long Dark and so on. I'm a house plant enthusiast, I love to read, write, and draw (both traditional and digital), and I also like to cook.

Here's a few more things about me: I love dogs, horses and snakes- but my favorite animal is the Snow Leopard. I'm Asexual. My favorite colors are orange, pastel yellow, and green. I love tea AND coffee! I'm a Taurus, and my personality type is INFP-T. I'm Russian (my mom's side), and I speak a lot of spanish.

Have a good day!

Other favorite pets:

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