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Hello! I see you have stumbled upon this page, in this game, on the internet. For this I gotta give you some respect for looking at this. What is a way of giving respect in my opinion? The IDFB intro! Go play that for yaself. Anyways, I’m peppy, or at least used to be. I prefer the nickname ErrorTahr or just Error. I’m a random nerd on the internet. Nothing much else, except that I am a large fan of Battle For Dream Island. So yeah. Anyways, if you want to come find me on other places, I oughta give some places online where I am seen.

Animal Jam: Peppycatgaming

Roblox: Peppycatgaming

Fandom (mainly fun for friends or free admin): Peppycatgaming

Alright, now that is over with, I am just gonna leave a random quote here. “I want de pizza now” Sorry, I had to do that. Anyways, thanks for making it so far! Bye!

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    • Deer Preat Plush - Female

    • 1 Qty
    • Dark Straight Ear Zorvic Plush

    • 1 Qty
    • Valentine Pink Zorvic Plush

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    • Black Cat Nyrin Plush

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    • Cat, a nightmare spirit, made Sugar Skull a castalian. She doesn’t play much of a role, but it still helps to know.
    • Black Cat Preat Plush - Female

    • 1 Qty
    • Ivwit is a kind deer, watching over everyone, despite his evil appearance. He plays a major role in Ashendale’s lore, looking for Skyler.
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