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Hello and I'm Explorer-Allie! Welcome to my profile.
I'm here when I find time, though I'm starting to visit Eliyo more now that I'm not that busy with real life, but you can message me about anything. Questions, comments, just to chat, or to rp! I'm constantly looking for new friends anywhere I can find them.
I'm looking for artist to draw one of my elons, so if you know one or are one, also send me a message!
Favorite qoute: Going to church doesn't make you a Christian, just like sitting in a garage doesn't make you a car.
Come back soon!

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    • Ziksang Flower

    • 3 Qty
    • I'm a very special flower to heal your elon. I'm not very powerful, but team me up with my friends and I'm unstoppable!
    • Valentine Pink Zorvic Plush

    • 1 Qty
    • A special addition plush for Valentine 2019.
    • Husky Wildcat Nyrin Plush

    • 1 Qty
    • One of my favorite plushies :)
    • Heartymelon

    • 1 Qty
    • Once I am planted in the ground, I enrich the soil with vitamins and minerals, flourishing plant and animal life.
    • Valentine Pink Preat Plush

    • 1 Qty
    • A special addition plush for Valentine 2019.
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