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You have no idea where you are, you're on land you don't recognize. Not only that you're dizzy and stagger with every step you take. Everything around you is blurry and you don't know what is wrong, you try to walk forward but you trip over a hole. As you're down, you get a better grip of yourself, and soon everything becomes clear, yet your head aches. You look up and see a thick vine barrier covered in thorns, roses, and whatever type of spores. But there was was this weird aura or force that made you want to go towards it. You slowly stand up, and walk forward. You still feel dizzy and stagger, you then stumble and fall. Yet you get back up again and keep walking towards it. You're at least 2 feet away from it. But the spores, they burst and the last thing you remember is that you're falling to the ground... You wake in a room, or a type of den. You immediately sit up, you realize that your head ache is gone and you don't feel dizzy anymore. But that still doesn't answer the question of where you are, or... who brought you here. You were laying down on some type of leaves. You start to stand up, and as you're trying to make your way out of the den, a green Zorvic with a warm grey underbelly, stand in your way. It is giving you a warning look like 'Don't try to push past me'. You're hesitant but you try go out from the edge of the den way. It starts growling, and you freeze. You can hear someone or something walking towards where you are, then a clicking sound. Then right in that moment the hostility look disappears and it goes docile. Then the Zorvic moves out of the way, backing up slowly. Soon you walk out too. Right in front of you though, is a girl. A black girl with unusually light green eyes. She looks about 14 or 15. You are a little older than her by a few years. And Zorvic is sitting right besides her. She clears her throat. "Oh your better! I found you outside of my barrier. The spores sprayed a type of poison that makes you faint." She exclaims!

You look at the Zorvic, and the girl follows your eyes. "This is Tree-sniff, she is my partner. Out of all my Zorvics she is my favorite. We have the biggest bond..." She starts rambling on, "Oh! SPeaking of Zorvics would you want me to show you the rest of my Zorvics?"

You nod your head, you don't know how you got here or how to get back home, so you might as well waste time.

"Okay follow me!" She says.

My Cabinet

Looks like the cabinet is empty, you see nothing but dust.


Dust lines the shelves. No trophies can be found.

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