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You have no idea where you are, you're on land you don't recognize. Not only that you're dizzy and stagger with every step you take. Everything around you is blurry and you don't know what is wrong, you try to walk forward but you trip over a hole. As you're down, you get a better grip of yourself and your eyes become clearer, yet your head spins and your body aches. You look up and see a thick vine barrier covered in thorns, roses, and some type of spore pods . But there was was this weird aura or force that made you want to go towards it. You slowly stand up, and stagger forward. You're at least 2 feet away from it and for some reason reach your hand forward, but then the spore pods, they burst open and the last thing you see is the ground coming closer and closer... You wake in a eerie room. You immediately sit up, you realize that your head ache is gone and you don't feel dizzy anymore. But that still doesn't answer the question of where you are or... who brought you here. The room you were in looked something similar to hospital room except that the walls were bulky and made out of metal. You were laying down on some type of leaves but under the them were bricks. You start to stand up and look to the door. What really stuck out to you were the metal bars on the door and it didn't have door handles. It kind of reminded you of a jail cell. What looked like doorbell was to the left of the door and you decide to push it. Almost immediately the door opens and you hear a long 'Bzzzzzzt'. You take a few steps out into a long hallway with darkness surrounding both ends. Something behind you moves, you jump and turn around. Two creatures stare at you with hard expressions and surround you. The one behind you has pretty blue fur with purple mixed into it, while the one in front of you is a steaming red with an ashy-black saddle. The red one grunts "Move it!" and shoves you in front of him to the left, and you start walking into the seemingly never ending hallway. You don't know if your more surprised that he shoved you or that he talked. The blue one stays behind you while the red one starts moving to your side. After what seemed like forever you all finally reach the end of the hallway to a door that says 'Office' plated in silver. The red one opens the door by pushing a button and you all head inside. The blue one pushes you into the middle of the room and your faced by another creature, but this one had a beautiful grey coat and minty green eyes. It was sitting on a chair behind a desk. The room was greatly decorated, and behind the creature was a huge painting of it with a human and their hand on the creature's head. She looks up from the desk,"Ahh you're awake.' She says in a calm manner. You look around puzzled. She smiles,"Welcome to the facility of Elons. Yes I and these two lovely creatures are Elons." She explains and starts to get out of her seat, "My name is Mist. The red one is Adder and the blue one is Galaxy. Perfectly fitting names for us if I do say so myself." You had to agree with that, but you're so shocked that this is even possible you can't say anything at all. "Anyways back to business, do you know what grounds you are standing on right now?" She didn't wait for an answer, "Well obviously I have already told you that this is the Facility of Elons. But we have a job to do here. We can't have random humans walking onto this land stopping our work. This land was supposed to be private and NO outsiders can know that this place exists. My master will be very displeased indeed." She starts mumbling to herself, "What should I do with them?.. I can't make them work here till they die can I? Or lock them up so they'd never see daylight again?" Your eyes widen worriedly, but then you notice that Mist thinks up some type of answer. Her head naps towards you, "Alright I've decided to wait until Master comes back from her duties. Then SHE will decide what to do with you." Mist thinks to her self for a moment, "In the mean time Galaxy will show you around the place. He is not as feisty as Adder I suppose. And since you already know about this place it wouldn't be wrong to show you around right? Plus I don't an unknown and ESPECIALLY awkward human in my master's office." She flicks her tail and Galaxy calls you over. You follow him out the door. "Listen here okay, if you obey EVERY word I say, when I say it I will talk to master to at least keep you if she thinks about throwing you away." You give him a confused look and he sighs," If she throws you away it means you'll probably be thrown into a pit of sharks or something I don't know, but almost every human to stumble here never is seen again...." He trails off. Galaxy turns away from you and starts walking forward, you reluctantly follow....

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