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Just a quick note: If you are blocked, refrain from purchasing pets or messaging me. Thank you.

Hey all,

I'm Rhys, welcome to my profile.

If you're new here, feel free to browse around, if you're old here, feel free to do the same. I've been pretty lax on here lately, as I share a cellphone/laptop with my girlfriend, Thansithon. Along with a new job, I pop on here when I'm able (mostly to breed. I just like the different color combos ect).

I'm a pretty relaxed person and will normally be friend;y. So if you're interested in breeding with any of my pets, feel free to ask. I'll set them up if I'm able to. The only tab I ask that you not sent requests for is my Avirian Kingdom. This is where my customs are and I'm especially picky with sharing (though most are elders now and aren't really breed-able to begin with).

If you ever just want to chat, feel free to hit me up!

If you're interested on other sites I play on, currently this is about it. Aside from Xanje. You can find me under the name:

If you're a newbie and have any questions, I'll do my best to answer.. or if you're just in need of some food to feed your elons, don't be afraid to ask. I'll probably have extra (only cause I'm lazy with feeding mine).

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