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As you approach the stone enclosure you notice something in the bushes.... It seemed to be whispering. Not really saying anything but a faint tickle in your ear. "Who are you?" says the voice, who has startled you. You look around but see nothing of particular interest, and start to wonder if you are just hearing things. You weren't able to identify who or what the voice came from but you know you definitely heard it. As you turn around to head into the stone building, you are petrified in place as there was an elon behind you.... Was it there the whole time? As you overlooked the elon you realized that these were not regular elons; for they had glowing eyes. Were they aberrants? The legend has it that not many can tame this breed, or know anything about them. Their genetics remain a mystery to those who can not seem to bond with them. But something seems off... Aberrants are usually known to have a nasty bite and ill temper; yet this aberrant seems excited and possibly even timid. As the aberrant opened their mouth, a sound formed that you seemed to understand, "Im Clove. Welcome to the Elon Sanctuary." she paused for a minute as she sensed you trying to comprehend. "I am an Aberrant zorvic, one of the many species of aberrants. All aberrants can speak any language to help run the Sanctuary." Clove looked up at you and motioned that you come inside, so you did so. As you ducked under the arched doorway you shielded your eyes from the blinding light that was coming from all around you, but then you opened your eyes to reveal that there was a glorious meadow teeming with life. "Wow..." you say. Clove nodded as she noted your astonishment. "I am very sorry to interrupt but.. erm you need to follow me" Clove stated and you could sense her urgency. She led the way into a darker, cooler den space that had a weird machine that looked like a tube in the middle of it. You didn't quite understand what was happening, so you asked "What is the weird thing for?" Clove nodded and said, "This machine helps decontaminate human visitors when they come to the sanctuary to keep a lot of things outside." she paused and waited for your acknowledgement but then added, "As a safety measure.". You stepped inside the tube like machine, feeling trapped as amist rolled over you. You couldn't help but hold your breath when the mist touched your face. Slowly, you felt the tube growing and started panicking. You tried to run into the glass but it was too strong and alas, you tripped on what seemed to be another pair of legs? "Oh no. I'm turning into an elon", was your last human thought. No wonder why the secrets of the aberrant are never unlocked.... If you try to, you will become one of them.....

The end :D yayy Braish's family tree here:

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