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i want to buy elytes so please if u have any contact me and we will negotiate a price

also here is some stuff about me, + hi, my real name is aunika (pronounced ah-nih-kah) + I LOVE DOGS! they r my favorite animal in the world! unless aliens exist... lol. anyway, on my profile u will find that i ALWAYS have golden retrievers, this is because i love them...

+ i love anything to do with music! (exept 4 rock... they don't sing, they yell) i want 2 be a pop star and spread joy 2 other people because i never got that, my parents like my 3 younger brothers better than me and i'm thinking of this as kind of a way 2 one up them (i'm pretty sure they will all be plumbers...)

+ and also i like to do different things with oil pastels and i like making coloring pages (yes i mean make not color) i do like coloring them in but mostly i just make designs and stuff and i used to donate crayons, markers, coloring pages i made, pencils, and other stuff to homeless shelters for kids

+ i have adhd, and am dyslexic and dysgraphic, i also have depresion...

+ i have a 17 yr old purebred golden retriever and she is so nice and kind o everyone that she has the personality of a lab (they r supes friendly) her name is serena and my parents got her a few months before i was born + i am the oldest of 4 kids and am the only girl

+ i have a hard time making friends because i have trust issues and am very shy if i am in a new place

+ i am almost 13 and am 5' 3 (sad right?) i am sooooooooo short....

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Looks like the cabinet is empty, you see nothing but dust.


Dust lines the shelves. No trophies can be found.

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