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Hello! I'm Vasa, but my friends call me Foxy! I love chatting with people so feel free to message me about anything! Here's what you might want to know about me.

My pronouns are She/Her and I'm a Tomgirl/Nerd type of girl. I love basketball, skiing, and track and field. I play the piano *since I was 6* and just started the violin. I'm 100% nerd! LOVE the outdoors. My hobbies are hiking, reading, climbing trees, and playing video games along with hanging out with my sister and parents. I have a puppo whom is a black lab and a twin sister who is Wolfie2010, but she goes by Kia. I love math, writing, and science.

I'm not on every day but sometimes I pop on in to say hi! Have a wonderful day and remember mushrooms are the new panacea.


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