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Hi! I'm Juneau. If you check out my shop and want something, but can't afford it I can work with you. If you want one of my Elons, talk to me, and we can figure out a price. If you think two of my Elons offspring would look good, you can ask me to breed those two, and you would get the offspring for free. If you only wanted one or two of the offspring, I can keep the rest in my nest, and you can comeback later if you want them. ~Thanks!

Stuff My Elons Come Back With

Looks like the cabinet is empty, you see nothing but dust.


Dust lines the shelves. No trophies can be found.

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Prey dummy zorvic brown with blue eyes and the text 'Training' overland.
A sleeping zorvic with green markings on a blue swirl background with the word "Tired" above.
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Shows a stick in a heart with the word play.
A little green plant bursting out of the ground.