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Hi I’m a mouse ?hLYLm=platform.png?hVQXs=platform.png ?w61_r=platform.png?w-9KM=platform.png?wjTLn=platform.png ?FBmRP=platform.png ?zXs9c=platform.png (btw please don't pm me ads since i don't have any space- if its game ads then that's okay :)

Call me whatever you want I go by any name :) I love mice and other animals and I also really like roleplaying and making roleplays

a proud member of the Ocelot oasis and perhaps a ocelot trading card maker :)

--------- click these guys! VVVV


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

The final Outpost xzEC01.pngbE2ZB1.png 3peJY1.pngo6p9P1.pngs62NL1.png --------- i love female preats and zorvics! she/her

I'm interested in well eliyo, pokemon, Wings of fire + Warrior cats + Survivors, Animal crossing (perhaps miitopia?) and more :)

Royalty treasure

    • Playing Card

    • 1 Qty
    • Gertrude used to love to do shows for the peasant kiddies, though she is busy these days
    • Sliced Bread Loaf

    • 1 Qty
    • -to Gweat Grawndmwa Gertrweud Hewo, Great Nana! It’s meh, Pwcesse Snoweh, I have a wittle gwift for yu! It’s mah prized bwead!
    • Zikzang Preat Plush - Male

    • 1 Qty
    • This one was sitting in a corner with no backstory just in the corner of the treasury collecting dust it seems to be bumblebees
    • Blue Nyrin Cookie

    • 1 Qty
    • This sweet treat is her most favorite and there's a joke about how you could marry her by giving a box of these to her a box was given to Gertrude by dodo and the rumor was quite true
    • Zikzang Fluffy Nyrin Plush

    • 1 Qty
    • One of Wasps sisters plushes she stole when she was a little pup
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