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Hello. I go by Ultima on Eliyo. I'm female and crazy wolf lover. I'd prefer not to reveal my real name. So anyway...the things I most enjoy doing are usually just rping on my friends here on Eliyo. You'll see me doing that a lot. Now for some random stuff. I'm too lazy to type a full story lol-

Mah pokemon Click the image, then just feed them the berry they like most. It'll be easy to figure out. You can feed them once daily. Please feed Pie, she's my dragon ambassador ?wjXcf=platform.png ?zq8MK=platform.png ?wRyzh=platform.png Woop :)

Proud member of the Ocelot Oasis!

**New Ocelot Oasis thread! Updated! :D**

Item origins

    • White Cap Shroom

    • 1 Qty
    • Eating me makes elons reveal their DNA, huh? Looks like I have some hidden DNA too, huh? If not, how do I reveal more DNA? That's definitely magic, correct?
    • Red Mushroom

    • 1 Qty
    • I help elon's attack rise! Lots of people buy me to help their elons, some of my species has also been cursed for unknown reasons, but I don't live in a big spooky forest so I don't know much about them. And I'm also pretty popular!
    • Light Blue Mushroom

    • 1 Qty
    • I AM SPEED
    • Dark Stem Purple Shroom

    • 1 Qty
    • Constantly experimented on by an evil witch, I am the worst of the dark shrooms. Lowering all natural stats, I simply am a monster. Just get rid of me, you don't want your curious baby elons to eat me, right? *sigh* I HATE that witch.
    • Dark Stem Green Shroom

    • 2 Qty
    • You've probably heard of these cursed dark stemmed mushrooms like me, right? Well all their stories are true. I have been cursed by a witch exactly like the red dark stem shroom. I also have absorbed a lot of water once and survived.
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Dust lines the shelves. No trophies can be found.

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