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Hello. I go by Ultima on Eliyo. I'm female and a crazy wolf lover. I'd prefer not to reveal my real name. So anyway...the things I most enjoy doing are usually just roleplaying on my friends here on Eliyo. You'll see me doing that a lot. Now for some random stuff. I'm too lazy to type a full fantasy-ish story lol-

Name: Pickles

?NTw4R=platform.png My Precious, click maybe?

Proud member of the Ocelot Oasis!

**New Ocelot Oasis thread! Updated! :D**

BEFORE YOU JOIN: The Ocelot Oasis has kind of been falling apart. I would be very happy if somebody new could join and revive it! Thank you and my apologies if we aren't very active on the thread. Valkyre (The former leader of the Ocelot Oasis who had to leave Eliyo), was much better at keeping the thread alive and had these little category icons for each ocelot pattern group, I have no idea how he did that!

Do you have any questions? \/

Q: When are you online?

A: Mostly busy during the week, active most during the afternoon & night. Feel free to send me PMs whenever, I'll check them when I get back!


Mah stuff

    • White Cap Shroom

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    • This white cap shroom is one of the shrooms that are naturally growing here. You find it weird that such a rare fungi would be growing in a dry backroom with no rotting logs or anything. Maybe it's growing on the rotten nuts....
    • Red Mushroom

    • 1 Qty
    • Shrooms are growing around the dusty brown backroom naturally since this place is so old, but this red mushroom has been collected for herbal purposes and put into a sack. The journal next to it is open to the same page you before, the orange peel entry.
    • Light Blue Mushroom

    • 1 Qty
    • Out of all of the shrooms, this one is the smallest. It reminds you of a nimble and fast little mouse. Maybe that's what it does...make elons faster?
    • Dark Stem Purple Shroom

    • 1 Qty
    • An ominous aura surrounds this odd purple could a little mushroom be so...evil-like? It feels as if it cast a curse on you.
    • Dark Stem Green Shroom

    • 2 Qty
    • This Dark-stemmed Green Shroom has a lot of wriggling roots. You touch one on accident and it scraps you, sapping some blood that comes from the small scrape. Ouch! You quickly step back. Who would want a parasite in their backroom?
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