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(I've noticed a rise of players on the site so I updated this to seem more friendly uwu)

Birthday: Feb 20th

Sup. I’m Ebony. I check in just about every day. (I update this a lot lmao) sorry I kinda haven’t been active lol I’m playing more now

You can call me Sage/Ebony. I prefer they/them pronouns but any are fine.

I'm a self taught artist and I've been drawing for 6 years now ^w^ I animate when I have the time! DA: Rantdoggo

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Red topped tear off calendar with the word "Active" written on it over a flashy yellow backdrop.
Prey dummy zorvic brown with blue eyes and the text 'Training' overland.
A little green plant bursting out of the ground.
A sleeping zorvic with green markings on a blue swirl background with the word "Tired" above.