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You see a light faded by the distance. A nyrin jumps from behind you and makes sure your following her to the light. As you reach the light you see a tall girl placing her hand on a brown preat's back. The girl looks up at you confused, she seems as if she doesn't get many visitors. The nyrin you were following hops toward the girl. The girl, Snow pats the nyrin and ruffles her ears, she then says "Sorry, I don't get many visitors, my name is Snow and this is Mardi Gras." she says pointing to the nyrin. You shake her hand she has put out for you. "This is Marzipan." she says pointing to the brown preat. Snow shows you around the small space. You acknowledge but your not listening, your looking at Marzipan and Mardi Gras and thinking about your own elons. You start to miss your elons seeing Marzipan and Mardi Gras. You decide to go to the back to look at Snow's shop, she doesn't stop you. You place your hand on a landslide rune stone wondering how much it is but feeling too afraid to ask. Snow understands this and let's you take it for free. You say goodbye and wander back to your home. You feel overjoyed at seeing your elons but start to miss Snow. You decide to...

Hey there, You can call me SnowDrakes but I prefer J! Feel free to look at my elons and you can message me to ask me any questions! Have a great day! <3 J

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Burlap seed bag with some wheat on the front.
A completely dark nyrin with a white heart nose and 'Just For Me' text overhead.
A little green plant bursting out of the ground.
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