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You see an eerie cave nearby. Thinking there are wild elons there, you enter the cave. To your surprise, The cave is a neat home-like area. You hear echoes of elons yips down a path,and see a small Abr.elon walk up to you, and lead you to A well-sorted room. As you look around the room, you see dragons,elons, and cats carved in wood and stone. A girl around the age of 14-20 picked up the abr. Elon and pat its head "Hello!" She said calmly "Im midnight, and this is my Elon, Darkness"...

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    • Zikzang Preat Plush - Female

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    • Cursed Apple Plush

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    • Black Cat Preat Plush - Male

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    • Galactic Zorvic Plush

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    • Black Cat Nyrin Plush

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