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Greetings! I'm Kimono but just call me Kimo for short if you like i sometimes love drawing but i suck at it i love the color Purple,light blue and pink,and yes i'm a gal i love Writing too as you can see on my cabinet here the link the cabinet <3 i love cats,dogs,etc Christmas tree in dragon cave I Am the Owner Of Sakura Tree Nursery thread...Feel free to Pm me if you want something in my Nursery Nest~ ! You can Contact me in other games like Lioden,etc if you want to Rp my username in Lioden is Anicolt


    • Zikzang Zorvic Plush

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    • Hey guys i found Izzy old toy oy!"Kimono said as she showed them the toy"MINE"Izzy jumped on the toy while the others just minded there own business expect for the pervert in the Squad
    • Blue Marbled Nyrin Plush

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    • one day,while James & Yuko were looking at old stuff with kimo they found James old toy and jam decided to give it to Yuko it turned out to Yuko loved it
    • Yokio Herb

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    • "AZ" milo shouted"WHAT Mil"Az shouted"I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU"Milo shouted"Here.flower"Milo barked a little tint of blush showing"Aww thanks Mil~"Azzy Purred with a blush
    • Blue Grapes

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    • "Hey Jamie look a Grape"Aaron Said "i Know A"james said as his tail swing back and forth " jamie i have to go to school stay safe!"he patted his dog and left...Jamie/james waited and waited until he was found
    • White Cap Shroom

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    • Kimono walked "hey kimo! look White Cap Shroom " Izzy barked "Izzy no don't eat it!"Kimono yelled "Izzy yes"Izzy barked as she was about bite it but she was grabbed by crystal
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