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Story 1: You walk down the path where lots of little Zorvics could be found. You come across a small, colorful little Zorvic and reach down to pet it. It purrs as if it likes you. As you stand back up to leave, the Zorvic whimpers and nips at your heels, begging you to stay. You see how much the Zorvic likes you, and you want to stay, but you really have to go. But you feel sorry about leaving a little Zorvic behind, so you decide to keep it. Looking at its bright and colorful fur, you name it Rainbow. Rainbow jumps up and gives a sharp little bark. She seems to love you. "Alright, Explorer, so you say my name is Rainbow? I love it! Hi! Hi! So now we go on journeys together? That's AWESOME!" Rainbow says. Your jaw drops open. A talking elon?! "I do have a den. Come and see! You can live in it while you are with me! Come on, Mee!" Rainbow squeaks again. You try to tell her your name isn't Mee, but you decide to just let her keep that nickname for you. "Alright, you first!"


Dust lines the shelves. No trophies can be found.

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