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You travel away from town, and spot a brick house with a hay roof. You peek through a window and spot a teen girl with pink hair and a apron labelled: Rose Parsley and you see nyrin kittens everywhere with barking zorvics and preats. A purple preat spots you and starts growling at the window. You dash away with your elons back to town but your foot got tangled on some vines from the big garden outside. You manage to get away but you think you should bring clippers next time

If you love Eliyo, gifts, and adventure, then you should join ClubScapes! My club that is in forums, under Eliyo Disscussion! D1-m_P7mMtZtBzmIEuqMw3ryTJIPRXTVGc5p9Y2OTbXqR87YLvCbbmmsZCpadDt_xeL-WeGI-Dego7RTp5HD64h7RomT2OO0bfhsQjiXcMewDk_mklNFU-UjcRHiKLje_57D5slFv22-6jE8L9qLXvgEMkpxZjSCWfp9KqoAbSgRMHwKa7KB1vHPsXhFb23Hgc-sYbzbbWQ8SifPMLCQCvhu4kt4ErJkQnfQaTTOOcBckkf_XMJXcBi60AxU3SJlhOdlkDEzYh_J3o5xZci1lStezLhRD48Aydc7OsLHtsCofMSZKMArqfBTLA7BE5V91wFQ1BQrRfsQzqgTXbZV9DhGysDMN9uqDj1IjP1IxyrbrACHEMlaEcvd82xNhc19Z_Uf6GkBRhvLSPEAhC0ACJPExrDxAa6rK28WAPxFJ3uyIEKaAj1PcvsgaNZg598_igzzvzR7otJb8eJ3TDJL2DnGi6dbIrnUHdh22VatX6zhoSSidque8_XTuR8-7q_09fqO463ABClKMYndyawa-EFr40acFiV5Mceq9837Fn85DYmcWnd_w_TlkPUg1bdVYrmb03WO4l-5jS6qNo0YRJEqJfNXR_v-uC-8TaX2igV9MxM1HkQEyEgGiA4bvF63auLLGo0sOQhYQ_nn54e-Zdywu3vGoNnb2PruobV_ISSc4ND9TIVBbteD5VG7wFhdph7lSjC4e901QB2ebEvmm3M1=s328-no?authuser=0

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    • Zikzang Zorvic Plush

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Red topped tear off calendar with the word "Active" written on it over a flashy yellow backdrop.
A little green plant bursting out of the ground.
Prey dummy zorvic brown with blue eyes and the text 'Training' overland.
Burlap seed bag with some wheat on the front.
Shows a stick in a heart with the word play.