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Hello I'm Rose-The-Ink-Demon-W, but you can call me Rose or Rose Wolf, Rose or Rose Wolf is for my online name and my name is Elizabeth.

Liz or Lizzy, for my irl nicknames, but I do not mind being called my irl name or nicknames. I do a lot of things offline or on other sites, I'm not really much into referring games and just doing things myself without stuff and such.

I know Demon Slayer, I know about Assassination Classroom, I know about pretty much anime that I can know!

I own a thousand different OC's, all of are which the same OC, but different names and different books that I build on from different anime shows, horror movies, games like Cuphead, Balan WonderWorld and my own proud book on Wattpad "Daisy & Life™️"! Don't you dare try to steal my dear book's name.

The name that I am using is actually my OG OC, her name is Rose The Ink Demon Wolf, she originated from a studio called Cookie Studious™️, she has her own version of Bendy (since she created him and all, just a different Bendy, which makes him an OC of an OC)!


Anyways, I may think a Zorvic is a *fox*, mostly because it looks like one but is completely different! So I may say *cubs*, to refer a Zorvic baby as a *cub*, remember *fox* wise. My book is called "Eliyo: My version.. (Book 1)"! I hope you read it, because I love creating books and chapters and bringing them to LIFE!


And IF anyone WAS wondering, my sexuality is an Aero-Ace, it means I am Asexual and Aromantic, Asexual and Aromantic mean the samething actually that is: I am not sexually or romantically attracted to anyone, so yeah.. I'll show my flag later.. Maybe..


I am an author, so I write A LOT! That means I use three different to many other different sites to write my stories, I have many creative stories going on, so I write until I'm dead, which IS NEVER!!


But I am sweet, kind, gentle and quiet. I am intolerable, which means; I never get annoyed by anything, I DO NOT get angered easily, unless it is something near and dear to my heart. Like my dog or family, I am straight overprotective.


(IDK why but I am not able to see thread chats being replied, I'm so confused and I try to refresh it over and over.. I really wanna see what people have wrote! I also don't know which type of subscribed chat the thing notifications are telling me..)


"I think male foxes are also referred to as dog foxes. Why do I think this? Warrior Cats referred to them as dog foxes. They did call female foxes vixens too, though." -OnlyUltima


"I believe baby foxes are called kits! They may also be referred to as "cub" or "pup". Male foxes are reynards and female foxes are vixens" -Splendens


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    • Oak Wood Rocking Horse

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    • As Rose was swaying her broom from left to right, the elons roughly playing as one by one start to look at her making a rythym, the elons smile and began to run around her playfully.
    • Heartymelon

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    • Rose peer at the tree with a strange fruit, she wondered if she could grow it. So when she took the fruit off of the tree, she put it on her kitchen table and began to find ways to unravel the hard shell.
    • White Cap Shroom

    • 5 Qty
    • "Ooh what a wonderful mushroom! Thank you Black Bristle for bringing it to my attention." Rose said, she petted Black Bristle's starry forhead as her beautiful green emerald eyes shimmer, her fluffy black melanistic tail wagging as she happily yip
    • Sharpshoots

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    • As Rose looked at the pointy and sharp rose-like flowered fruit, she wonder ed what it meant, so she carefully and softly planted the flower inside her satchel and walked back home.
    • White Grapes

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