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hello! my name is FoxyWolf_. if you see an acount called FoxyWolf without the underscore. that was an account i made, but i put the wrong email in, sooo yeah. thats disapointing. anyhoo. you can call me foxy for short if you dont want to type out that whole mess of a username. and umm... yeah. thats my introduction to myself.

+my birthday is on november 29th

+ im usually online every day, so pm me anytime, about anything game related.

+ currently working on this roleplay here so please join! i need lots more members. i have this huge event planned for later after it it starts and starts getting going.

+ i love wolves, foxes, and dogs, basically obsessed with canines and . i pretty much love any animal, even the ugly ones. (is anyone/anything really ugly though?)

+ always listening to music

+ did i mention my love of wolves and foxes?

+ i like doing interior design, and even designing outdoor layouts and gardens. every time i move to a new location, i blow a bunch of money on redesigning my entire house. its a terrible, terrible thing

+ if you see any of my elons that you like, please pm me that you would like to buy it. i should probably get rid of a lot of my elons, but no one wants to buy the ones that i am currently selling. idk what to do about that, but yeah.

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