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I am a animal-lover who also loves anime and DRAWING!

I have ADHD, OCD, and Anxiety and don't appreciate bullying or any kind of harrasment or rudeness.

I also suprisingly love horror even though it terrifies me-

I'm a PROUD mother of like 62 OCs, some being human and some being fursonas.

I am turning 16 in JUNE!

I'm a sophomore...... right now-

MY ELIYOS ALL HAVE STORIES that are kinda like personal diary entries IN EACH OF THEIR DESCRIPTIONS! READ them and check in every once in a while to see if your favorite of my eliyo's have a bigger story. <3


I'm very social and love to talk so feel free to message me about anything! Just know that anyone is allowed to talk to me and ask questions!

I love online pet breeding games like this!

Others that I would suggest:

- Celestial Equine

- Beastkeepers


and many more! Just those three i miss like crazy- :,)


Books I've read(And LOVE)

- Hunger games - Warrior cats - Wings of Fire - The menagarie - Harry potter


My top favorite animes as of now:

1. DEMONSLAYER 2. My hero Acadamia 3. Tokyo Ghoul 4. Pokemon


Yes. I LOVE Among us and play Roblox. Who cares?


I know WAY TOO MANY demonslayer facts! Feel free to ask me or talk to me about it! Don't be shy!


Just SOME of my favorite Youtubers-

-LaurenZside -JessiVee -Flamingo -Ha Sa - WholeWheatPete - ItsFunneh (KREW)


.... ..........yes.... I'm aware that I'm a loud, emotional, and crazy mess-



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