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Look up information on specific items. You can search by item name, type, or description. Multiple terms should be split by a space. If multiple terms are used then items that match either of the terms will be pulled.

Search Results

    • Brown Deer Preat Plush - Female
    • Black husky over dark brown fur with striking blue eyes.
    • Dirt Colored Zorvic Plush
    • Brown husky over a tan base. Beautiful chocolate eyes stare back at you.
    • White Pumpkin
    • This pumpkin has a strange lack of pigment, but you're almost certain it's just as filling.
    • Green Pumpkin
    • This pumpkin is so green that you'd think it's not ripe, but that's just how it grows. Tastes great!
    • Caramel Pumpkin
    • Unfortunately, this pumpkin doesn't have real caramel in it. Fortunately, it has pumpkin!
    • Orange Red Pumpkin
    • You could almost mistake this for an apple if it weren't ten times bigger.
    • White Grapes
    • "Light Yellow-Green" Grapes just didn't have the same sort of kick to it.
    • Red Grapes
    • Delicious AND not poisonous!
    • Heartymelon
    • Once this is planted in the ground, it enriches the area around it, causing plant and animal life to flourish. Getting through the plump fruit of this plant seems like a great task, but it is so enriched with vitamins and minerals that it can greatly benefit your Elon's health
    • Winderberries
    • Legends say that this plant lives forever, eternally producing berries as long as the root isn't broken. If you feed this to your Elon, they might be able to go for a while without getting tired.
    • Sharpshoots
    • The petals of this herb are like knives, and its covered in thorny vines. Even its sharp aroma makes you feel like you could hit harder in battle.
    • Clamroot
    • Some say that if you can fight your way through the exterior bramble of this plant, the fruit inside will make you hardier.
    • Quickbloom
    • This plant shoots out of the ground when it's in bloom, then quickly recedes. Its lifespan is short, but if you're able to harvest it, it can give your Elon a great speed boost.
    • Birch Wood Rocking Horse
    • A rocking horse made of birch wood, giving it a lighter appearance. In the hands of your Elon, probably a chewing toy, but whatever keeps them busy, right?
    • Oak Wooden Ball
    • You're probably going to have to throw it away once it gets too chewed up because of the wood, but it should be fun to throw around before then.