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Look up information on specific items. You can search by item name, type, or description. Multiple terms should be split by a space. If multiple terms are used then items that match either of the terms will be pulled.

Search Results

    • Birch Wooden Ball
    • These wooden balls are made to be hardy, but you know that in a few hours with your Elon, it's not going to be a ball anymore.
    • Mahogany Rocking Horse
    • A rocking horse made of a darker and stronger mahogany wood. Might last a little longer against your elons chewing but don't count on it.
    • Oak Wood Rocking Horse
    • Hand carved with oak wood gives giving something solid to sink teeth and claws into.
    • Minor Revive Potion
    • Revive your elon restoring a small amount of health and stamina.
    • Revive Potion
    • Revive your elon restoring half there health and stamina.
    • Major Revive Potion
    • Revive and restores the full health and stamina of a fainted elon.
    • Full Restoration Potion
    • Fully recovers an elons health, stamina, and cures any status effects they have.
    • Limber Apple
    • I don't think this is just an apple anymore. Limbers up an elons joints that have been affected by paralysis.
    • Peaches
    • Once you get past the fuzzy exterior of the peach, it is aromatic, juicy, and extremely sweet in the best of ways!
    • Apricot
    • Sweet and slightly small, these fruits are similar to nectarines. Don't be fooled though, apricots are sweet AND tart!
    • Lime
    • Even more acidic than lemons, lime have a distinctly sour taste. BLECH!
    • Red Strawberries
    • These look delicious and ripe. Great as a snack!
    • Blue Strawberries
    • Mythical strawberries! Though ... they taste a bit like raspberries. Blue raspberries. They're definitely more filling!
    • Brown Nyrin Plush
    • Hand crafted Nyrin plush. Look at that great stitching replicating a light brown ticking marking!
    • Blue Marbled Nyrin Plush
    • Nyrin plushie hand crafted. A nice blue base is complimented by the red eyes and gems.