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Item Search

Look up information on specific items. You can search by item name, type, or description. Multiple terms should be split by a space. If multiple terms are used then items that match either of the terms will be pulled.

Search Results

    • Water
    • Give your elons a burst of energy.
    • Cranberry Juice
    • Cranberries are somewhat sour but give you a nice bit of energy when consumed.
    • Green Juice
    • Loaded with kiwi, mint, pink grapefruit, and lime your sure to be energized after drinking this.
    • Baked Wheat Loaf With Sesame
    • Sesame seeds give this loaf a slighly nutty flavor.
    • Baked Wheat Loaf
    • Freshly baked it's still warm.
    • French Bread
    • A nice crunchy crust with a chewy inside. It has a slightly sweet flavor.
    • White Rope
    • Surprisingly entertaining.
    • Dark Rope
    • Surprisingly entertaining.
    • Birch Stick
    • Your not sure why, but your elons seem to strangely fixated by this stick.
    • Natural Prism
    • Has a higher catch rate against natural elons.
    • Plant Prism
    • Has a higher catch rate against elons with a plant element.
    • Fire Prism
    • Has a higher catch rate against fire elons.
    • Electric Prism
    • Catches electric elons more easily.
    • Ice Prism
    • Catches ice elons more easily.
    • Stone Prism
    • Catches stone type elons more easily.