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See the latest game updates from our staff.

  • Apothecary Costs and Other Updates

    The apothecary uses a new formula now for healing costs. It's now based on how much you are actually healing your elons instead of how much money you have. Let me know if you it seems out of balance at all.

    I've also made changes to some prices in the shops and likely will be tweaking things more. I have mostly increased prices, especially for prisms and they may need to be adjusted more as well. But overall I am working to get things as ready as possible for beta launch.

    Pumpkins, cherries, and blueberries can all be found as battle awards now, along with some other added items in the different areas. So keep an eye out.

    I have plushies for both the Preat and Zorvic but I am still working on recolors. However there are some Zorvic recolors being stocked already you may want to pick up while there isn't as much competition if you are into galleries or collections.

    Some of the battle areas maps have been updated / touched up and the rest will follow soon.

    Not sure if I missed anything else I updated.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 9/30/2016 4:16 PM
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  • Public Beta October 8th!

    An official launch date for public beta has been set! Get ready in just over 2 weeks to start your new adventure!

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 9/23/2016 2:00 PM
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  • New Markings!

    The old markings are pretty much finished (the floppy ears on the Zorvic I know need adjusting so no need to let me know that one) but let me know if you notice anything else that needs corrected. That means the Husky, Belly, and Socks marking are finished for the different poses and the Half Belly and Split Eye were added.

    Your current elons will not reset automatically to reflect this change but I will be clearing out the old images and then they will reset.

    Give you thoughts on the markings below and feel free to give some votes for what you would like to see next.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 9/12/2016 5:21 PM
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  • Dynamic Time Layout

    New night layout option. You can now pick the day layout, night layout, or let it change based on the current time! Go to your settings, layout option to change this. The time is based on America/Detroit Eastern time.

    Hope you enjoy the new layout!

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 9/09/2016 10:50 AM
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  • Notifcations, Profile Updates and More

    Notifications Notifications have now been added to Eliyo. Currently notifications are sent out for threads you are subscribed too (with the default to subscribe to threads you reply to unless unchecked) and when someone buys one of your elons. More to be added as needed / as they are thought of.

    Elon Profile You may notice your elon profile has had a bit of an update. Moved some things around and generally just cleaned things up.

    Genetic Information I have also added functionality so that you can find a genetic mushroom and unlock more information about your elon, this would be hidden markings and marking strengths, along with their genetic stats. This information can be estimated or determined doing your own calculations as well. The mushrooms are found rarely or bought elytes when stocked.

    Change Location from Profile Another update is you are now able to change your elons location from their profile. This was requested and seemed like a good addition to add so I've added it in.

    Ajax Updates on Some Pages I've updated some of sites pages to use ajax with a new library (called PJAX) I've found. It works really well and doesn't require me to do too much to add in this functionality. Currently this does mean if you are in battle with music, it won't stop playing, refresh to remove it if it bothers you for now. I will likely add in some account setting options to address this down the road. This will allow those pages to load quicker however since they don't require a full page refresh.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 8/31/2016 9:31 PM
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  • Custom Elons

    You can now order custom elons from Clayton for Elytes. It's 50 Elytes to get one with up to two markings, then 50 extra for each additional marking up to 5 markings for 200 elytes. Right now you can only get the 3 markings available though so 50 or 100 elytes.

    We also now have someone to do markings through an art for programming trade I am doing. So hopefully we will get the ones we have finished up and likely just redone completely, along with some more after that.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 8/25/2016 10:59 AM
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  • Quick Stock Food Bin

    Added a quick stock food bin option. This should make it easier to fill up your bin for nest elons. If you click the backpack option it's an option across the top after my cabinet and before item usage. Let me know if you run into any issues. :) Note that once you add an item to your bin you won't be able to get it back out.

    Also I added a number for the food bin on hover in parenthesizes. This is the actual point value of what is in your bin to hopefully make it easier to know precisely how much you have.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 8/19/2016 9:38 AM
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  • Breeding Change and Other Updates

    I've made quite a few updates since my last post.

    The player guide sections have been updated including adding the base battle guide. Some minor visual updates on the elon profile pages. Lots of updates to activities which are about ready for release. And fixed a pretty major breeding bug that was happening with cross breeding. Still needs more testing, but feel free to try out some cross breeding combinations.

    Finished Breeding Feature In addition to bug fix I have added the ability for elons to resist breeding attempts. This was something planned from the beginning should now be working. Resistance is based on the breed of the elon and the relationship between the two elons. Even a failed breeding attempt results in a better relationship and so a better chance of success the next time. Of course if you breed really rare species (none available right now just the common Zorvic and uncommon Preat) you will still have a hard time breeding them.

    A failed attempt results in the elons needing an hour cool down between attempts.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 8/12/2016 8:46 PM
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  • Food Bin Bug Fix, Paypal Integration, and Breeding Guide!

    Food Bin Fix Food bin bug that was causing the food bin to go to a really low number (and so being really hard to fill up/seeming to not fill up) has now been resolved. I also reset everyone's food bin and adding a bit to it to start. And I reset all the elons so there hunger is at stuffed.

    The numbers, how quickly they get hungry, how much stuff feels up etc... may still need adjusted, so once it's been a few days to feel free to let me know if it still seems to hard to keep them all fed.

    Paypal Integration Finally finished integrating our payment system to purchase elytes with paypal. It took a lot longer than I had hoped (spent most of last week on it), but it should all be working now. Though if not I can fix things manually. I have not been able to go through the process with an actually purchase myself yet to verify. I am still working to add in options to buy things for elytes. I do have plans, just haven't finished that up yet.

    Breeding Guide I added the breeding guide, it's not 100% complete yet, but actually exists now and has some information on how breeding works. Will hopefully be finalized that for release pretty soon here.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 7/19/2016 8:12 PM
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  • Battle - Earn and Use Elemental Training Points

    You now earn elemental training points during battle. You gain a small amount every time you attack and once you earn enough you'll be able to allocate them to your proficiencies and resistances to customize them per elon. There is a max amount you can earn over the life time of your elon, around 60, so choose wisely how you want to spend them.

    I will likely be reseting some elon data over the next few days to account for some of the changes I've made (changing the base elemental values and updating attacks). You shouldn't lose any elons BUT stats (elemental especially) and attacks will be affected. You won't lose what you've earned, but some attacks may no longer be valid for elons that had previously earned them and I have changed the base elemental values quite a bit.

    You can see the base elemental values in the appendix now along with the breed specific base stats.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 7/09/2016 5:35 PM
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  • Battle Bug Fix and Other Minor Changes

    I've made some changes to the battle system to hopefully fix a bug that was causing people to get stuck on level up. I also made some updates to the accuracy system fixing a bug that was causing dropped accuracy to drop too low.

    Some other updates, changed the user profile page to look better visually and work better for all screen sizes, added a privacy statement, added ability to directly link to mail a player from their profile (instead of going to the inbox), and other visual updates.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 7/07/2016 12:42 PM
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  • Visual Updates

    I have made a lot of visual updates throughout the site.

    Some updated items include changing the button color, changing the navigation both the sidebar coloring and the link colors. Most pages were updated in minor way to make everything more consistent and just better looking (at least in my own opinion). Also the edit shop and cabinet tables will work better on mobile now scrolling instead of going off screen.

    Overall just trying to get things ready for a public launch.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 7/06/2016 10:16 AM
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  • Keyboard In Battle

    You can now use the keyboard in battle. The main menu is QWASE with Q for fight, W for swap, A for flee, and S for catch and E or enter to go back to the main menu. Once you in those menus you can use 1-6 to select an attack, an elon to swap in, or a prism to use. Any elons or prisms past the 6th will only be selected with the mouse.


    Brittany #2 Posted On: 6/28/2016 7:02 PM
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  • Elon Demo

    The custom demo is now live! Play around with it and plan out color schemes or breeding goals.

    Have a design you think would look great as a combination found in Eliyo? Feel free to submit any for consideration to be added to the game. This means the marking and color combination would appear regularly in the regions set for it.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 6/25/2016 10:25 PM
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  • Wake Up and Put to Bed

    You can now wake up your sleeping elons from their profile or put them to bed.

    Keep in mind elons that have no energy left will likely go to bed after you wake them up at the next check (only once every hour) though you are free to wake them up again. And the reverse if an elon has full energy they will go to sleep when you tell them, but will automatically wake up at the next check.

    I will be adding a sleeping battle status to battle soon, so this feature will be handy if your elons are sleeping when you get on. Sleeping elons will have the chance to wake up every turn, but won't be able to attack while sleeping.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 6/17/2016 11:43 AM
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