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See the latest game updates from our staff.

  • Images and News Notice

    Well if you've logged in you likely already noticed the alert that says there's been news posted. So now when I make an update I can share it to the news for everyone to see.

    The other point of interest is that the Explore area has been updated with some images. Some of these will be replaced later, but it's a start. The world map found on the page is the actual world map of Eliyo. It's still a work in progress but the layout and geography is finalized.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 4/22/2016 11:42 AM
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  • Restock and Needs Crons Added

    Non player character shops will now be restocked regularly in Lavinth. Check back if you are wanting a particular item. Your elon needs will now also go down every hour you are active and when you login.

    Needs do not currently have a negative affect other than their mood. But soon if they stay in the red it will affect there relationship towards you and if they are happy with you it will increase there relationship as well as bonus in battling. Nest elons eating from the food bin is not quite added yet either but will be soon. You can go a head and fill it with food for when it is ready.

    Brittany #2 Posted On: 4/20/2016 1:40 PM
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  • Latest News!

    Welcome to Eliyo! Eliyo is a browser based pet game currently in development! We are currently in closed Beta. We still have lots of testing and a few updates before we are ready for release, but we are getting closer everyday. Stay tuned!

    testUser3 #26 Posted On: 4/03/2016 2:39 AM
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